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Emergent Seed seeks to support emerging composers and writers in the greater DC Metro area with $150 and $500 grants and the opportunity to reach new audiences.

Our goal is to be a platform to spotlight and nurture this region's amazing, emerging talent. Started in response to COVID-19, Emergent Seed seeks to address the immediate financial stress caused by coronavirus closures, and in the long-term seeks to build a catalogue of high quality, diverse performers of multiple genres. Ultimately, we aspire to be a social enterprise. We seek to be a financially self-sustaining vehicle - raising money to give out grants beyond the initial funding raised - while also being fair to the artists we're serving. For example, if Emergent Seed holds a fundraising broadcast event, those Applicants whose videos are selected for broadcast would receive a percentage of the proceeds raised, too.

The name “Emergent Seed” reflects who we support –- “emerging” artists –- and how -- with “seed” funding and short video performances.


Original work.

​Our goal is to support Greater DC Metro area creatives who perform, recite, or read aloud what they make since audiences can’t gather in-person at this time, and possibly for many months. Applicants must submit a single 2-5 minute video of a complete performance with a natural ending. The underlying content of this performance must be original (and if applying for the $500 Winner Grant, it must also be unpublished/un-produced work), in one of 4 Creative Categories in Music - Songs or Instrumental - or Writing - Poetry and Storytelling. See the APPLY page for more details.


Can submit previously published/produced work

Consider like payment for a virtual gig


Can only submit Unpublished or UNproduced work


Recording in a professional music studio

Participation in 20% Royalty Pool

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