Our Round 3 Winners and Grantees!

Our Round 2 Winners and Honorees!

Songs - Winners

Stefan Agregado

Calista Garcia

Justin Trawick

Songs - Virtual Gig Grantees

Sean Balick

Anthony Craven

Carly Harvey

Christopher Peli

Gina Sobel

Michelle Swan

John Christopher Urquiaga

Instrumental - Winners

Elijah Balbed

Cristian Perez

William Porter

Sam Post

Asha Adia Santee

Instrumental - Virtual Gig Grantees

Yana Hristova (Nikol)

Peter Roberts

Christopher Stiles

Chao Tian

Andrew Toy

Storytelling - Virtual Gig Grantees

Dior Ashley Brown

David Ring

Sarah Olmsted Thomas

Poetry -Winners

Indran Amirthanayagam

Alexis Jefferson

Poetry - Virtual Gig Grantees

Dwayne Lawson-Brown


Songs - Winners

Joe Downer

Michael Pappas

Songs - Honorees

Aaqil Abdullah

Ken Avis

Nate Bergman

Becky Hill

Conor Mueller

Storytelling - Honoree

Marjuan Canady

Instrumental - Winners

Brian Falkowski

Brandon Felder

Instrumental - Honoree

Cristian Perez 

Poetry -Winner

Arryn Harris James

Poetry -Honorees

Tyler French

Marcus "Shmoody" Moody

Our Round 1 Winners!



Juliette Bell

Langston Hughes

Susanna Mendlow & Devree Lewis


Josh Cleveland

Andrew Grossman

Neffy (Mecca) Russell

Be Steadwell


Dylan Arredondo

Yasmeen El-Hasan


Kelly Colburn