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License Agreement Summarized 

License Agreement Explained

All artists always retain ownership of their work. In order for ES to be able to invest time and resources into the Winners to help license their work and generate additional revenue for the Winner, that’s why ES had to build into the License Agreement the 3 year exclusive. For Winners, the exclusive to ES is only for the one piece you submitted (see the 3 year exclusive section of the License Agreement) and not on you, the Winner, or any of your other work.


Applicants can OPT-OUT of consideration for selection as a WINNER and only be considered to be selected for the "VIRTUAL GIG" Grant. Some reasons for doing so may include:

  • Your piece is already published/produced

  • You want to publish this piece through some other means other than with ES within the next 3 years (e.g. release a song in an upcoming album, or publish a poem in a forthcoming collection);

  • Your submission is part of a larger piece (e.g. a song from a musical, a scene from a novel, etc.) and thus can't be part of a 3 year exclusive license to ES;

  • For any other reason the Applicant chooses


"VIRTUAL GIG" Grantees are only subject to a Non-Exclusive license, as described in the License Agreement and in general don't have the same restrictions as the WINNER Grant.

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