key video requirements

Click the button below to read and confirm you meet each of the key video requirements. Make sure to ALSO READ THE APPLY page carefully for all the criteria needed to have your application reviewed.

For the Round 1, if you submit your Application by or before June 12th (three days before the deadline), and Emergent Seed's (ES) volunteers are not overwhelmed, ES will attempt to notify such early Applicants if they have failed to meet these or other Video criteria. Applications received after June 12th can NOT be assured they will get any notification of not meeting these requirements.

preview the application

Click through these images to see the questions asked on the application

how to make a video

These videos should be watched in conjunction with reviewing the rest of the website and the application.

tutorial 1 - video prep

*NOTE: In the section "Configuring your phone's recording quality", the phone settings shown in this video are for an iPhone. If you are using a different smartphone or recording device and need help configuring your recording settings, please email

tutorial 2 - uploading video

single performer video demo

spliced video demo with multiple performers

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