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How to Make Your Video

The following videos should be watched in conjunction with reviewing the rest of the website and the Application. Make sure to record your video HORIZONTALLY.

Single performer video demo

Spliced video demo (multiple performers)

*NOTE: This video demonstrates how the Applicant introduces himself by name in the first 15 seconds of his video. It is just a sample excerpt of what a video submission should sound like. A real video submission should be 2-5 minutes in length and not end in the middle of a song / scene / line.

Tutorial 1 - Video Prep

*NOTE: In the section "Configuring your phone's recording quality", the phone settings shown in this video are for an iPhone. If you are using a different smartphone or recording device and need help configuring your recording settings, please email

Tutorial 2: Uploading Video

*NOTE: If you have any technical questions, please email with the subject line VIDEO SUBMISSION HELP

Preview the application 

Click through the images to see the questions asked on the Application. When you're ready to apply, enter the Application on the APPLY page. Application questions should take only 4-10 minutes to complete (plus any time to record the video).

Please look over your work carefully. Google allows you to save your responses, so you can edit them at any time BEFORE you hit Submit. Don't hit Submit until your answers are final because Google will not allow you to change your response after submitting. ONCE THE APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED, NO EDITS CAN BE MADE TO IT.


*NOTE* The Application branches after Page 4. If an Applicant selects to be considered for the WINNER Grant, they will see Page 5, then Page 7. If an Applicant selects to be considered for the VIRTUAL GIG Grant, they will see Page 6, then Page 7. All pages are included in this preview for reference.

Ready to Submit?

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