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Review Process 

​All submissions will be reviewed independently by at least two practicing artists in the Applicant's field; these reviewers include peer- and senior-level arts practitioners and leaders. We have conflict-of-interest policies in place preventing any Applicant from being reviewed by someone with whom they have a personal relationship. 


Top-scoring applicants will advance to the second stage and be asked to schedule a Zoom call with Emergent Seed staff to verify application information and identity. The technical quality of the Zoom call will not be the primary basis for the selection decisions. Grantees will be announced on YouTube in an Announcement Video and also be notified by email and a phone call.

Main Criteria for Video Submissions

  • Technical Proficiency & Craft

  • Creativity

  • Performance

  • Overall Excellence

After Grantees are Announced

"Virtual Gig" Grantees will receive a $150 grant and may also have the opportunity to have their original work broadcast in virtual events. Winners will receive a $500 grant, be eligible to participate in a 20% Royalty Pool, be connected to a highly-skilled Mentor in their field, and have the opportunity to re-record their performance in a professional music studio. Some Applicants may be chosen to participate in the broadcast even if not selected for the grant.

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